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Technology is the lens in which we experience much of our world today, it makes it possible for communities around the world to interact, communicate and work with each other. The need for new models that ensure access and equality for all regardless of location has never been greater, we need inspired young minds that are equipped to advance us in the next phase. As Urglobal we are committed and dedicated to bringing technology to rural communities, it is our mission to unearth and cultivate rural potential.

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Luleka is highly capable of everything she sets her mind to, she grasps concepts quickly and displays an in-depth understanding of organisational systems and processes. She embraces life and is driven to make a difference to the world.

Karen Cockerill Creative Transformation – Tanzania

Luleka has developed excellent leadership qualities over the years, she has proved to be an outstanding leader of her peers in all work and social aspects.

P. Le Roux

“After learning how to use a computer I feel good for the future”

Nkebe, Grade 9

Luleka has been contributing and assisting immensely on a number of projects in the rural schools that are in my area of jurisdiction. She is very innovative and helpful.

M.P Ntshobo Ingquza - Hill Local Municipality

Luleka constantly visits our community to consult with us concerning a variety of issues which impede on our growth as a community. The priority is the scarcity of clean running water. Luleka has been tasked with the duty…

Nkosi Ayanda Bushula - Bhushula Royal Council

What makes Luleka unique is her background, her genuine interest in empowering underserved communities, her passion for giving back and her excellent people skills able to communicate & deal with multiple diverse stakeholders.

Nokwazi Mzobe Matoyana (Pty) Ltd

“I really have enjoyed the programme, at first I thought it was hard but realized it is easy and I enjoyed it”

Noxolo, Grade 6

“Thank you Urglobal, one day I know I’ll own my own laptop”

Dlungwana, Grade 9

“This will give me a chance to be able to get a job, now I can do a CV”

Diyo, Grade 7